Do you need access to your CCTV system but do not have a static public IP address?

Do you use mobile operator (3G/LTE), who blocks access from outside?

Do you want to protect access to your CCTV system from intruders?


We have good solution for you: Static IP address via VPN – quickly, safely and cheaply


How it work:

1. Configure your router as VPN client and connect to one of our VPN servers

2. We assigin static public IP address to your acoount

3. In the configuration of your router, make redirect ports to your CCTV.

4. Always you connect to the same public IP address wherever you are.

5. … and it’s working, simple?


What we offer:

static IP address wherever you are

safe management of network devices from a single IP address: routers, servers and cameras

static IP address also on the modem 3G/LTE (we support all GSM operators and Neostrada)

port forwarding

strong data encryption 2048bit

multi-site VPN servers to choose (9 locations in Polsce)

selection and configuration VPN router, if you do not have


The price for setting a static IP address: 15,00 PLN added to the plan. Active VPN plan is required.


If you are interested, please contact us via the contact form or directly: support@vpnonline.pl

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