VPN PPTP client configuration – DrayTek ADSL




In the first step, login to your router, launch a browser and enter the default IP address of the router:

Go to “VPN and Remote Address” (1) tab, and select “LAN to LAN” (2) tab




Edit one of Lan-to-LAN profile, for example “Index 1.” (3)




In the next step, enter the VPN connection settings:


In the “Profile Name” (4) field, type name of vpn connection, for example: VPNonline

Select “Enable this profile” (5) option

In the “Type of Server I am calling” (6) field select “PPTP” connection

In the “Server IP/Host Name for VPN” (7) field, type the name of one of the VPNonline server


In the customer panel, you will find the available vpn server: www.portal.vpnonline.pl


In the “Call Direction” (8) select “Dial-Out” and “Always on” (9)

In the “Username” (10) field, type your user name

In the “Password” (11) field, type your password

Select “NAT” (12) option

Select “Change default route to this VPN tunnel” (13) option


To save settings, click on “OK” (14) button




If you have correctly configured VPN connection, the router should connect to our server (15)




If you have any problem with the configuration or have any questions feel free to mail us: support@vpnonline.pl


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