VPN L2TP client configuration – Apple iPhone


Go to the “Settings”



Click on “General”



Select “Network”



To configure VPN connection, click “VPN”



and next, click “Add VPN Configuration…”



Select “L2TP” connection and fill in the fields below



“Description” – Type, connection name. For example: VPN Online PPTP

“Server” – Type the name of one of our VPN server

In the customer panel you will find the available vpn servers: www.portal.vpnonline.pl


“Account” – Type your VPN User Name

“Password” – Type your VPN Password

“Secret” – Type: vpnonline.pl

Select an option “Send All Traffic”


Save the settings by clicking on the “Save”



In the “Choose a Configuration…” we will find new VPN connection “VPN Online L2TP”

To establish VPN connection, click on “VPN” button



After a successful established connection, the status will change to “Connected”



If you have any problem with the configuration or have any questions feel free to mail us: support@vpnonline.pl


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