OpenVPN client configuration – Apple iPhone


I the first step, download OpenVPN applicationa and OpenVPN configuration files:

Then send the files *.ovpn as an attachment to the email address configured on the iPhone


After installing OpenVPN client on the iPhone we will find new icon OpenVPN (1)


iPhone OpenVPN VPN


Go to OpenVPN Client settings and turn off „Force AES-CBC ciphersuites”


iPad OpenVPN VPN

Open your mail by clicking on the Mail icon and go to the message with the attached configuration files

Click on the selected file (2) to import it to OpenVPN client


iPhone OpenVPN VPN


Then, choose “Open in OpenVPN (3)”


iPhone OpenVPN VPN


The imported file *.ovpn is available in the “NEW PROFILES ARE AVAILABLE…” section

Add it, by clicking on “+” (4)


iPhone OpenVPN VPN


After adding the configuration file *.ovpn, we can change its name by clicking on “Profile” (5)


iPhone OpenVPN VPN


Then, click “Rename” (6)


iPhone OpenVPN VPN


Type any name for the profile, for example: VPNonline – Poland (7) and confirm by clicking “Done” (8)


iPhone OpenVPN VPN


To import another configuration files *.ovpn, repeat the procedure from step “2”


After adding all the configuration files, click on one of them, eg VPNonline – Poland
(on the right, we will see the selection) (9)

Then, click on “< OpenVPN" (10)


iPhone OpenVPN VPN


We chose profile VPNonline – Poland to connection

In the “User ID” (11) field, type your user name

In the “Password” (12) field, type your password

Save the entered data by clicking on “Save” (13)


To connect, click on “Connection” (14)


iPhone OpenVPN VPN


Allow OpenVPN client to establish a VPN connection, click “Yes” (15)


iPhone OpenVPN VPN


After a VPN connection is established, status changes to “Connected”
On the top bar will see the icon [VPN]


If you have any problem with the configuration or have any questions feel free to mail us:


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