VPN OpenVPN client configuration – Windows XP


In the first step download OpenVPN application: OpenVPN Client


1. INSTALLING OpenVPN Application

The application is distributed as Open Source GNU so we can install and use without any restrictions.

We need to run the application with administrator privileges (run as Administrator)



Welcome screen, click "Next"


Accept the terms of the agreement,click "I Agree"


The choice of components, leave the default already selected and click "Next"


Confirmation of the path where the program will be installed.
The default installation path is C:Program FilesOpenVPN or C:Program Files(x86)OpenVPN


Application Installation in progress


OpenVPN client requires to install additional network interface TAP-Win32 Adapter V9

Select “Always trust software from” OpenVPN “ option and click: "Install"


If you see the screen below, the installation was successful, click "Next"


Uncheck "Show Readme" and click "Finish"


We have a new shortcut on our "Desktop", called OpenVPN GUI



To use the application you must download the configuration files: http://www.vpnonline.pl/files

After downloading the package configuration, you must extract it to a directory C:Program FilesOpenVPNconfig

After unpacking the files close the window, and click on   .

The application runs in the bottom right corner of the clock  


Click on the application, right-click and choose VPN server to connection, then click "Connect"


When you first start OpenVPN and Firewall enabled usually pops up a message asking whether to block a program openvpn ?

Select "Unblock" option


During the connection, you will be asked to type your login and password.


To disconnect, right-click on the icon OpenVPN (bottom right corner of the clock),
select the server to which we are connected, and click: "Disconnect"


If you have any problem with the configuration of the connection, write to us: support@vpnonline.pl


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