About us

We offer the following options that allow you to safely use the internet:


Security and anonymus


Wide range of protocols:PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN

We have more than 600 public IP addresses

Very strong encryption algorithm up to 2048 bit

We have 51 VPN servers in 29 locations around the world


Speed and availability


Access to all servers without limit

Unlimit speed connection

Our VPN works on most platforms

We have a very strong VPN servers

Port 443 for SSTP and Port 993 for OpenVPN



We protect your privacy

Protection to what you’re doing on the Internet

Static IP address

We don’t sell and don’t collect data about you


For our customers


Professional Support

Support in polish and english language

You can choose a simple VPN plans, no contracts

We have many years of experience


You can trust us!

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