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6 reasons why you should use VPN


1. Your computer gets a new IP address according to the location you have chosen

2. The connection to the Internet from anywhere in the world

3. Secure, encrypted connection between your computer and the Internet<

4. Safety in public places using wireless connections (wi-fi)

5. A variety of tariff plans which gives you the freedom of choice!

6. Easy configuration, which takes a few minutes!


What is a VPN?


VPN (English: Virtual Private Network)

It is a network where the exchange of information between computers is done using virtual Internet connections. In other words, the VPN is a tunnel through which we connect to another network using a special path that leads through the Internet connections. The VPN tunnel is set between your computer and the VPN server and in addition all traffic is encrypted. The VPN server can be anywhere in the world, also you can connect to it from anywhere in the world.


How does a VPN work?


The method of VPN operation is shown on the following picture:



We have two users: Anna and Robert

Anna connects to the Internet in a conventional way and does not use VPN. All the websites she browses and the files she downloads are reported at the local Internet Service Provider (ISP) and on the target servers that share resources (files, videos, music).

Robert connects to the Internet using the VPN to one of the VPNonline servers.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) can only see that Robert connects to the VPN Online server, but cannot see what the traffic exactly is. All the traffic between Robert’s computer and VPNonline servers is encrypted.

A similar situation is on the servers used by Robert (he downloads files and browses Internet websites). The administrator of the server does not know who exactly is using its resources as Robert’s public IP address is hidden. In his log he can only see the IP address of one of the VPNonline servers.


How does the VPN service protect my privacy?


When your computer is connected to the VPNonline server, all traffic is encrypted by a very strong algorithm. An encrypted connection protects you from eavesdropping by third parties. Before a data packet reaches the target destination that is somewhere in the Internet it must pass through the modem to your ISP (e. g. Netia, Orange, UPC, or Vectra). The operator can collect statistics of your connections and on their basis perform an analysis of what you use the Internet for.

Examples of data collected by the operators:

  • what sites you visit on the Internet
  • what files you download
  • to whom you send e-mails
  • whom you contact using Skype or other messenger
  • whether you download Torrents or shares files using P2P


Thanks to the VPN technology and the encrypted connection the operator can see the encrypted data only!

The higher the level of encryption the harder it is to overhear the transmitted data.
The encryption level is dependent on the protocol used to compile the VPN connection. The comparison of VPN protocols can be found here: http://www.vpnonline.pl/protokoly-vpn-porownanie



YES! Our website is designed for ordinary users. You do not need to be an expert in computer science to be able to connect to one of the VPNonline servers.

Especially for you we have prepared a software that will connect you to one of our servers. The software runs under Microsoft Windows and does not affect the stability of your system.

All you have to do is:

1. download our application VPNonline Access: http://vpnonline.pl/aplikacja

2. install the software on your computer,

3. run the software,

4. click on the “Properties” tab and select the server to connect which is placed in a location that interests you,

5. enter your login and password received upon registration and click “Connect”.


Available VPN server locations


At the moment we have 49 VPN servers in 29 countries around the world.

Once connected you will get the IP address of one of the selected locations.

In a single account you have access to all of our servers, and you can switch between them freely.


On how many devices can I use your service?


You can connect to 3 devices simultaneously.

You can configure the VPN connection on several devices such as: a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, smartphone, or a tablet.


Can I connect a home router to your VPN servers?


Yes, absolutely you can connect any router to our VPN servers.

When you connect the router to our VPN servers all connected devices will appear in a new public IP address, e.g. a Polish IP address.

It is a very good way to get around a regional blockade for game consoles (Playstation, Xbox), or watch a limited video on the TV.


If you have any problem with the configuration of the connection, write to us: support@vpnonline.pl


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